Additional Research Services

Quality Research Makes Quality Copy….

As a copywriter your goal is to exceed your clients’ expectations by providing them with quality copy for their direct response letters, web pages, or auto responder e-mails. However, if you do not have a batch of carefully screened and researched facts, quotes, and information, you will have a difficult time producing outstanding copy for your clients. And WHEN are you ever going to find the time to do all of the research necessary to add the level of credibility you are seeking in your copy?

That is where an experienced web researcher can become your second most valuable asset. But what is your most valuable asset? Your time! You have only a limited amount of time to creatively write your copy so that it will earn you the reputation and referrals you are looking for. By outsourcing your research, you will be able free up your time to produce great copy for your clients so that you will be able to experience all the benefits of “The Writer’s Life”.

That’s where I can help you. Not only can I do the research required for you to produce great copy, but with my specially designed research reports you can go back time after time to find that special nugget of information you may want to use for a new project or a quick revision. I have developed a proprietary indexing system that allows you to easily bookmark any portion of my report for future reference. That way, my research can save you time on other projects because you will quickly be able to retrieve the exact information you want without having to search for it.  For more information on my research services, please see my website at

To receive research services, please contact at so we can discuss your project and research needs.  You can also download a PDF copy of my Internet Research Request Form and fill in your information OR you can send me an e-mail "Request for Internet Research" and I will include the Research Request Form Questions in my reply for you to complete for faster service. 

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