Proofreading and Editing

Proofreading Services

  • Spelling and capitalization
  • Proper word usage
  • Subject/verb agreement; tense
  • Correct use of punctuation and quotation marks
  • Grammar
  • Typographical errors
  • Proper possessives

Editing services:

  • Fix awkward sentence structure
  • Unintended run-on sentences or sentence fragments
  • Misplaced words in sentences
  • Formatting


As a secretary, my bosses have always relied on me to find anything they missed in their written material so they can look good to their bosses. The trust me to find any poorly constructed sentences or incorrectly used words and fix them so that the copy reads smoothly and flawlessly. With all that practice, I’m very adept at keeping the meaning of the author’s sentence intact.

A fresh pair of eyes gives you another advantage: an objective reader. If I find something that is vague or unclear to me, I will ask you about it and then fix it for you as necessary. That’s much better than taking the chance of your prospects throwing away your letter, or clicking off your web page, before you can convince them to buy.

One more thing: as an aspiring copywriter myself, I get it. By that I mean I understand the format and style used by AWAI trained copywriters. Other proofreaders with more formal training would not.

A little bit of additional money invested now will save you lost income later.


Please send your MSWord document as an attachment to an e-mail. If you have any specific proofreading or editing requests, be sure to point that out in your cover e-mail.

Our process includes making a second copy of your document on which all the redlining and suggested corrections will be noted using the Track Changes function of Word. For your convenience, a third copy will be made with all the suggested corrections included so you can see what the actual final document would look like.

But, you will be in complete control. By returning the redlined version to you, you will be able to accept, or reject, any of the changes we suggest.

Rest assured, all versions of your document will be kept completely confidential.  Please contact The Copywriter’s Proofreader at joanne @ thecopywritersproofreader. com.

And for more information about the other services we can provide you, please see our Services We Provide page