Fact Checking and Research

Services we provide

  • Make sure no fact or quote is misstated
  • Link(s) in your copy or on your web site connect properly
  • Find that last minute item that improves the credibility of your sales copy without fear of missing critical deadlines

Are your facts correct? Did you cite the right source? Or do you need an extra golden nugget of information that will add credibility to your copy?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. As an experienced web researcher, I can help make your copy more credible by verifying your facts, quotes, and/or sources. I will spend the time surfing the web so that you can maximize your most valuable resource: your time. Time better spent doing what you do best--creating the copy needed to meet your deadlines.

Once you have your facts straight, what about your web links? Do all of your links direct your client or customer to exactly where you want them to go? Or are they sent to some deep dark place in cyberspace from which they will never return? I can give you the peace of mind you seek by testing all of your links whether they are embedded in your copy or on the web pages you are developing for your client.

Invest a little bit of additional money now, so you don’t lose income later. Please contact The Copywriter’s Proofreader at joanne @ thecopywritersproofreader. com.

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