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Two “Real World” professionals have combined their expertise to bring you “The Copywriter’s Proofreader”

About Joanne Bellard

I am an incorrigible proofreader. I don’t consciously try to find errors in written material, but as a professional secretary for nearly four decades, I can’t help it--the errors just jump out at me. I rarely read a brochure, a report, a sales letter or an e-mail without spotting at least one mistake, whether it is a misspelled word or a word that is spelled correctly, but used incorrectly.

My education and training date back to a time when proper grammar and sentence structure were part of English 101. Even more importantly, my secretarial training included Business English which really emphasized proper format and content for business correspondence. These are the lessons I never forgot and the ones I will use to make sure your copy is good to go.

As a copywriter, you labor long and hard over a sales letter, or a white paper, or a page for a web site. You type it. You read it. You tweak it. You read it again. At this point, your brain already knows what the words say, so your eyes just skip over the little mistakes that may exist in your copy because you’ve read it umpteen times.

That’s why my experience can be of tremendous help to you. Invest a little bit of additional money now, so you don’t lose income later.

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About Mike Bellard

I have built a reputation as being the “go to guy” when it comes to looking up facts and information for clients, co-workers, and friends. And when I find that golden nugget of information for them, they are pleasantly surprised how quickly and easily I can find exactly what they were thinking of.

And how do I accomplish this? Years of experience and training. In the corporate world, I was a senior level reviewer who had to fill in the blanks and verify content on a variety of technical reports. And after work, I spent quite a bit of time researching such topics as current events, self improvement, information on veterans’ issues and fund raising projects for my volunteer work.

My research training began when I was studying to be a professional engineer. I quickly learned that documenting my conclusions was just as important as finding the correct solution. More recently, I have completed several Internet Researching courses including the AWAI Internet Research Specialist Course, the University of California, Berkeley Library Internet Research Workshop, and the McDougal Littell Web Research Specialist Class which earned me my certification as a Web Research Specialist.

Invest a little bit of additional money now, so you don’t lose income later.
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