Welcome to The Copywriter’s Proofreader.


Peace of mind that comes from knowing that the spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure and facts in your copy are correct and good to go.

Peace of mind that comes from knowing your sales letter or web page is ready for the world to see.

We are Joanne and Mike Bellard, two “real world” professionals with more than 60 years’ experience between us. Joanne’s secretarial training and job experience have honed her proofreading and editing skills. Mike’s training in internet research and his willingness to dig deep have made him a “researcher extraordinaire.”

Most people will freely admit they are terrible “self-editors.” When you’ve spent many hours typing anything and then proofreading it yourself, it is so easy to miss the little mistakes. That’s when a fresh pair of eyes is invaluable.

You can’t rely on your computer’s spell checker or grammar checker alone. Human eyes will trump your computer every time. For instance, it is so easy to type “you” when it should be “your”; or “your” when it should be “you’re.” Same with “there/their/they’re.”

Do you know when to use “affect” and when to use “effect”? When to use “to” and “too”? None of these words would be flagged by your computer’s spell checker, but they all could be used incorrectly. Joanne’s experienced eyes will pick up on the incorrect usage immediately and fix it for you.

Is your special report discrediting you with a misstated fact or quote? Are you losing paying customers because a link on your web site doesn’t work? Or, could you lose your best client because you missed a critical deadline while searching for that last minute item that would add the finishing touch to your sales copy? Mike will make sure that doesn’t happen.

We know you want to make the best impression on your clients and customers. Little errors like misspelled words…or poor grammar…or a misstated fact or quote…will distract your readers and negatively impact your credibility. But not if you let us give your copy a once over before you send it off to your client or publish it on the web.

Let us provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your work reflects the A+ reputation that you have worked so hard to achieve.